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CALAXO Screw Recall & ACL Graft Mistake – Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

Boston personal injury lawyer Have you heard about the CALAXO screw recall involving defective surgical screws? Quite often, these screws were part of the process involved with surgical repairs of the ACL during surgery. The reason for the recall is that the screw caused an unexpectedly high number of complications after surgery. The screws were available in the United States from 2006 onwards. The recall went out in August of 2007. In those few months, doctors used these screws in thousands of patients. However, within a few months, many of them started to see unacceptable complications caused by those screws.

The intended design of this screw was to secure an ACL graft during a surgical repair. This screw was supposed to absorb into the body within 12 months of the procedure. The design was also to promote bone growth. The reality of the design however, was that it caused a great number of complications in many patients. In some cases, patients experienced swelling in the bone tissue of the tibia. This led to symptoms such as redness, swelling, severe pain and fever. In some cases, it required additional surgery to remove the screw and remove any bony growths. In some situations, it required surgical grafting and new hardware. If you think that you have defective surgical screws involved in the CALAXO screw recall, you need to take action as soon as possible.

If you have experienced any type of symptoms related to these defective surgical screws, you need to contact a Boston personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. After the CALAXO screw recall, many patients discovered that they were a part of the affected group. Their doctors informed them that they had problems after completing the ACL surgery. If you suspect you are part of this group, you need to take legal action as soon as possible. In most cases, there are statutes of limitations that can prevent you from receiving just compensation.

A Boston personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for medical care, pain, suffering, and lost wages. Of course, you need to seek medical attention first in case you are still dealing with symptoms. A good Boston personal injury lawyer understands both the legal and medical side of such claims. If you had an ACL graft done at any local medical centers like Massachusetts General or Boston Medical, you should consult with a good Beantown attorney. The best advice is to seek help immediately and start the process in order to preserve your rights to compensation.

4 thoughts on “CALAXO Screw Recall & ACL Graft Mistake – Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. I have had an ACL surgery and am having complications. Please ask your Boston personal injury lawyer the best way to find out if one was used in your surgery. Would this information be in my medical records on file at the Dr’s office. I would like to find out if Calaxo screws were used.

  2. Got my ACL fixed early in 2006. I am guessing that they did not use this method or Calaxo screw but I dont know for sure. How early into 2006 was the screw on the market? I may need to speak with a Boston personal injury lawyer

  3. I was on a ski vacation in 2007 and was in a terrible collision accident and was struck by a snowboarder. When I got back home to Boston I realized that my knee was extremely weak. I called the doctor had it checked out and ended up getting an ACL operation. I would assume that the doctor would have told me that the screws were recalled but I haven’t heard from them yet and this is the fist time I’ve heard about this Calaxo screw recall. I will call the doctor and see what was used. And then I guess call the Boston personal injury lawyer if I need to.

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