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Chain Saw Accident – Cheyenne Personal Injury Attorneys

Cheyenne personal injury attorneyChainsaws are a useful tool in many situations. They need to be handled with extreme care and precaution because they can be VERY dangerous. When a chainsaw accident does occur it is usually quite severe, resulting in soft tissue injury, amputation, and even wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a chainsaw accident, contact a Cheyenne personal injury attorney for a free case review.

The most common cause of a chainsaw accident is user error. When the user does not follow safety instructions, they can injure themselves. Chainsaws need to be operated exactly as directed by the manufacturer to ensure that the operator and surrounding bystanders are safe. When someone is using a chainsaw to trim a tree they need to make sure that no people will be harmed when the branch or limb falls to the ground. Tree trimmers will often secure themselves to a branch while they trim another branch. If they do not secure themselves or make an improper cut, a number of different things can go wrong. Branches can fall from above and knock the trimmer to the ground, or make them lose control of the saw.

When manufacturer defects occur, the chainsaw’s mechanics and safety features may suddenly fail, leaving the operator vulnerable to injury. Faulty chain connectors can fail and cause the chain to flail around violently, often causing injury. It is possible there could be a labeling defect on the chainsaw, giving the user incorrect instructions. The other possible scenario is when the chainsaw operator injures another person. When this happens the operator of the chainsaw injures another person by neglecting to follow safety measures.

Hiring experienced Cheyenne personal injury attorneys for your chainsaw accident is important. It can be difficult to prove negligence on another party in regards to these types of accidents and it takes an experienced attorney that has handled chainsaw accidents to know how to do so. Chainsaw manufacturers have large and highly paid legal teams and insurance companies. They are not going to admit fault or pay claims quickly without pressure from an attorney that knows how to deal with these insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a chain saw accident, contact Cheyenne personal injury attorneys today. You could be reimbursed for medical bills as well as pain and suffering. These types accidents need to be handled quickly so don’t wait, call today.

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  1. Chain Saw Accident are extremely painful and gruesome. ask your Cheyenne Personal Injury Attorneys if i have case if the chain broke and whipped around and severed my thigh and cut me all the way to the bone?

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