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Sacramento Accident Attorney- Pedestrian Accidents

Sacramento pedestrian accident attorneySome studies indicate that over 4000 pedestrians in the U.S. are killed each year. In busy cities, pedestrians have to interact with motor vehicles, bicycles and obstructions in the roadways and not everyone observes, understands or adheres to right-of way rules. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, contact a Sacramento accident attorney as it is important to act quickly to protect your rights.

An accident between a pedestrian and motor vehicle can happen for a variety of reasons and sometimes it is not clear where the liability lies. It may be the auto insurance company, the city or country, or owner of a private parking lot or street. Consult a Sacramento accident attorney to determine who is at fault.

The statistics below are eye opening regarding the major circumstances surrounding pedestrian accidents.

Close to 23 percent of pedestrian accidents occur where there is no signal or crosswalk at an intersection

  • Almost 22 percent occur at intersections with a signal
  • Around 10 percent occur due to the pedestrian or driver crossing against the signal
  • Approximately 10 percent occur due to other actions in the roadway
  • Roughly 6 percent occur due to a pedestrian emerging unseen from behind a parked car
  • About 5 percent occur at a crossing with no signal, but that has a marked cross walk
  • Nearly 0.2 percent occur with people getting on or off a bus
  • About 71 percent of all pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas, with 64 percent of the total occurring at night

Pedestrians have rights clearly defined in the law, but also have duties. While pedestrians are subject to traffic-control signals just as motor vehicles are, sometimes the signals or not functioning properly or are not in place. Once a person enters a cross walk at an intersection, a driver is required to yield the right-of-way. In addition, a pedestrian has the right-of-way when a sidewalk crosses alleyways, driveways or even entrances to a building. However, when a pedestrian chooses to cross at unmarked points of the roadway, vehicles have the right away.

In California, which is a comparative negligence state, if you or your child is deemed at least partially at fault, you may still have a case for financial damages related to the percentage that was the property owner’s or driver’s liability. Contact an experienced Sacramento accident attorney to gather evidence in your case, consult with reconstruction and medical specialists, and purse compensation for your injuries and other losses.

9 thoughts on “Sacramento Accident Attorney- Pedestrian Accidents

  1. Nice post. I learn a little something on different blog posts everyday. I had not considered what a big problem pedestrian accidents are in California. I’d like to use a bit of your content on my website if you don’t mind. Needless to say I’ll supply you with a link to your webpage. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. I discovered your article on pedestrian accidents on bing and checked out a few of your earlier articles. I like the fact your articles are biased and present facts. Keep up the fantastic work. Also i added your Rss to my MSN News Reader. Looking forward to reading more of your articles later!…

  3. Unbelievable! 22percent of pedestrian accidents happen at an intersection that has a traffic light? Whoa, that’s not very encouraging. Someone darting out in front of a car is one thing. Off topic, but maybe not. I wonder how many of those pedestrian accidents involved drivers that were on a cell phone. While it’s illegal in CA, you still see it all the time. Thanks for an interesting post. I’m from the Sacramento area.

  4. Yes, that 22% of pedestrian accidents occuring at legal crosswalks when a functioning signal was in place is surprising compared to the 10% that are caused by going against the traffic. For anyone who lives in California, it seems fairly standard for drivers to assume a yellow light means gun it. My guess is that many bike accidents occur in that scenario, with the driver watching the light and not paying attention.

  5. While 64% percent of pedestrian accidents occur at night, I really thought that number would be higher. I agree it is shocking that such a large percentage happen at legal intersections. A casualty of our distracted society I suppose. My father in law was hit while crossing an intersection less than half a block from his downtown business. The glare in the driver’s eyes from the sun, prevented him from seeing him, or so he said. He was seriously injured and later died from the complications of his injuries. It is an example of an accident at a legal intersection with no one going against the traffic signal.

  6. Can you please further explain the California comparative negligence law? Pedestrian accidents occur daily here, and sometimes from people just walking or darting into the street. That would be a sad state of affairs for the driver to be found negligent when someone dart out like that. My husband hit someone in that situation. Trying to figure out his liability.

  7. Here is a question. We have a friend who was out for a jog, and a driver swerved while reaching something and hit her, paralyzing her from the neck down. Please ask your Sacramento pedestrian accident attorneys this question. In regards to a pedestrian accident, are settlements always made in a lump sum, or can they involve ongoing care costs where they continue to pay all medical bills over a lifetime relating to an injury. Thanks,

  8. Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyers litigate how many cases a year? Trying to decide if there is one with enough pedestrian accident experience here, or if I should look for an attorney from San Francisco or Los Angeles

  9. Sacramento pedestrian accidents must happen all of the time, I was nearly hit by a cyclist on my last visit. Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer must stay busy especially in the winter months.

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