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Should School Buses Have Seat Belts? Long Island Bus Accident Lawyer

After a recent bus accident in which a young student died in Indianapolis, concerned parents around the country have taken opposing sides to the debate about whether school buses should be required to have seat belts. The precipitating events included an impact to a concrete overpass’ abutment. The accident resulted in the death of one child, the death of the bus driver and ten injured children. If a similar event occurred in your life, contact a Long Island bus accident lawyer who can explain your legal rights.

The appropriate type of safety measures in a school bus is an undetermined matter. Air bags are often dangerous to small children. Due to the discrepancy in the sizes of children that are transported on school buses, one simple solution may not be available. Seat belts may not be able to be installed in buses in a manner that would allow them to protect all sizes of children.

Some individuals are opposed to seat belts because they view them as a restraint that could cause more harm to children. Children may be injured if the seat belt is not the appropriate size or if the child does not have the seat belt positioned on him in an appropriate manner. Additionally, if the bus became enveloped in fire, children may not be able to release the restraint quickly enough for them to escape the bus in time.

Some states have begun to take the matter of seat belt use in school buses seriously. Six states currently impose the requirement for all new buses to have seat belts installed to them. While these requirements may help future school children who ride in new buses, they do not address the need for older buses to have seat belts installed. Some school officials may quote the expensive cost to install seat belts as the reason why they will not install them. On average, it costs between $7,000 and $11,000 to install seat belts for each school bus.

If your child was injured due to a school bus accident, a Long Island bus accident lawyer can thoroughly investigate your claim. He or she will consider whether the installation of seat belts could have prevented or mitigated the injury. He or she will also help determine whether school officials or the bus driver acted in a negligent manner through the course of bus procedures, bus maintenance or driving the bus. Contact a Long Island bus accident lawyer today to receive a FREE initial consultation.

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  1. Thank you for taking on this important topic. I am extremely surprised more thorogh research has not been done on exactly how to protect our children in the event of a school bus accident.

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